My Greatest Teacher Turns 1

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To My Beautiful Child,

It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.

My darling, so too, a life of 100 birthdays, begins with the first.

Today, you have reached the milestone of your first birthday. My heart is filled with love and gratitude, to be able to share this day with you.

And to be able to add this First Birthday Letter to the Mother’s Love Letters, which I have written to you since you were in my womb.
You in Fiji, February 2012

Today, is the first anniversary of your Birth Day.

The events that took place, exactly one year ago today, remain in my memory like a favourite movie which I can watch over, and over again.

Because of your daddy, our doula Jill, and the midwives at the hospital, you and I had the most magnificent start to this journey of a thousand of miles.

A journey, during which, you will always be my greatest teacher.

Since you came into my life, I have been stretched and challenged in ways I could not have imagined previously.

The reward: A deep transformation, evolving into the person I have always wanted to be.

My darling. My Greatest Teacher. In your first year in this life, you have taught me so many lessons.

Lesson 1: You Teach Me To Slow Down

You have an incredible gift, to do things at your own pace, without a sense of pressure, obligation or guilt.

I ask you to get into the bath, eat your breakfast, come to me.

I observe my own impatience and frustration at the slowness of your compliance, and your fascination of things much more interesting than my own demands.
Daddy Made Your 1st Birthday Cake

While I strive to meet my own need to get things done, rush and take life for granted…

You remind me to Slow Down, be aware and fully observe.

What’s so beautiful about you, is that you remind me, without having to say a word.

Lesson 2:

You Teach Me To Ride The Waves of Change

Over the last year, I have observed you go from lying almost immobile on your back, to rolling over on your chest, to crawling, standing, and now…

You walk with ease. What a privilege to have watched you take your first step on Christmas Day, at age 10 months.

Frequently, I see you accept the shifts in your body, and cope with those growing pains, with grace.

In addition, there have been changes in our family’s circumstances already during your first year of life.

Whilst you have not liked all these changes, I have watched you ride the natural waves of life, and made adjustments accordingly.

There will be more many, many, more changes ahead. Challenging ones.

You give me confidence that I can change, too.

Lesson 3: You Teach Me To Be Open With A Beginner’s Mindset

You and Daddy in Fiji, February 2012

I hope you never lose what you have now.

That is, your curiosity and wonder for this world.

You observe the washing machine, like it’s the most magnificent invention on this planet.

You look at the supermarket staff, as through they’re the most interesting people alive.

You play with the air-conditioner box, as though it’s the most sought after prize anyone could ever desire.

Your ability to view the world, with a complete Beginner’s Mindset, enables you to solve problems, think creatively and be flexible.

As a beginner in anything in my life, I have often felt inadequate and vulnerable.

Instead, you teach me to find the joy in arriving with an empty cup, detached from convention and from what others have previously accepted to be the truth.

Thank you for teaching me to see with brand new eyes.

Birthday Message With Mother’s Love

You have given me the greatest gift of love, simply by arriving on this planet.

If ever, you should doubt, whether your life has meaning or purpose, know this:

You have made a profound, positive difference to my life, and to many, many, others, just by being here.

As you go about your day, doing the things you love, growing, evolving, feeling, moving in the direction of your dreams, you are making a difference to this world.
You, Me, Daddy – Feb 2012

On this first anniversary of your Birth Day, we will celebrate with friends and family who have chosen to spend this day with us.

Your life means so much, to so many.

As I’ve said many times as I lay you down to sleep at night:

There is nothing you need to do, for me to love you.

I love you simply because you are my child.


I love you so much.

Happy 1st Birthday, My Darling.


Mummy xx

Written by: Lina Nguyen

Mother’s Love Letters © 2011-2012

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